Sleep like Diogenes

A sleeping experience of a special kind.

Take a break in a rustic sleep-in barrel.

Our lovingly furnished sleeping barrels are located directly on our campsite, close to the main building. A different kind of camping.

It smells of wood and you almost feel like you’re in the open air. A nature hotel for young and old. You will receive bed linen from us. You don’t need to bring anything with you.

Enjoy an unusual kind of camping in one of our sleeping barrels.

The camping barrel is 6 metres long and has a diameter of 2.20 metres. In the barrel there is a large 2 x 2 m family bed under which a table can be pulled out.

Depending on the age and size of the children, 3-4 people can sleep here.
A slatted frame provides the necessary ventilation for the mattress from below. There are two benches on the left and right, which can also be converted into an additional bed.

The window in the sleeping area can be fully opened or tilted for ventilation.

Our sleeping barrels are also equipped with satellite TV, a fridge and a microwave. In front of the sleeping barrels you will find a small terrace with seating and parasol.